The highest quality products require the highest quality people

On June 10th, 1984, C&H Enterprises opened its doors for the first time. Using only two machines, a single lathe and mill, we began our journey to provide the Bay Area with high quality, precision machined parts. Over the next 6 years, we outgrew our space, twice. With the support of strong customer base, we were able to purchase our first facility and provide positions for 35 employees. Through the constant drive to improve, the dedicated work of our team, and the growing demand for high quality parts, we grew to over 100 employees within the next few years.

Tragedy struck on December 13th, 2012. Our facility had caught fire and was destroyed. Embracing the spirit of the Phoenix, C&H consolidated our efforts through the embers of our old home, established a plan to continue providing our services to our dedicated customers, and was shipping parts out of our temporary facility less than a month later.

first lobby

Our team worked hard and stayed focused through trials that has all too often caused similar businesses to fail. These efforts paid off as we were able to move into our new home, where we are today. This new facility is over triple the size of the last, bringing an infinite number of possibilities for growth. It became clear that thanks to our hard-working employees, our dedicated managerial team, and our loyal customers, our devastation had become a blessing.

Though our journey has had its fair share of struggles, our passion and vision for the business is as strong as ever. We continue to be focused on building quality parts, not getting in over our heads, and building a business using common sense, honesty, and humanism.

temporary facility

From the wisdom of our board of directors, to the dedication of quality from our employees, we believe that this journey holds equal value for every member of the C&H Enterpises family.

We are proud to be an industry leading manufacturer for highly influential businesses in the Semi-Conductor, Aerospace, Defense industries, and emerging technologies. We embrace the practice of constant growth and will continue to learn new skills, research and implement new technologies, and branch into new industries.

We would love to work with you, as a client or as a team member, using the same philosophy we started with: To do business with honesty, fairness, innovation, and quality.

bayside lobby