About Us

Herb and I realized while working together for another company, that we wanted more. Herb wanted ownership over his parts and I wanted to improve the processes and practices I supported. The only way we could do that is to start our own business. So on June 10th, 1984, C&H Enterprises opened its doors for the first time. We rented a space from a friend, borrowed $5000 from family, and moved in 1 mill and 1 lathe. Over the next 6 years, we outgrew our space twice and in 1996, we purchased our first building on Boggs Ave. We had 35 employees at the time and within a few years we reached 105. On December 13th, 2012, our building caught fire and was destroyed. In the C&H spirit, we were shipping parts out of our temporary facility less than a month later. It was important to us that we support our customers and our employees. In October of 2015, we moved into our permanent home at Bayside – over triple the size of the last, bringing a fresh start, progressive mindset and infinite possibilities. We realize that our devastation had become a blessing.

Our goals were simple when we started C&H. Make good quality parts, don’t get in over our heads, run a company with common sense, honesty, and humanism. Herb brings the drive to please our customers, the ideas on how to bring their visions to life while maintaining the highest quality. I bring the balance and voice of reason. We feel a lot of responsibility for our employees. We know each of them have people of their own depending on them. We believe this journey isn’t only for us but for everyone.

Today our goals are to grow and diversify. Our team thrives on new and interesting projects, so when a customer approaches us with an innovative idea, and we have a hand in making it, it brings us great pride. We’re experienced in Semi-Conductor, Aerospace, Medical and Defense and we’d love to bring our knowledge to the Automotive industry. We believe there are no limits and are excited to create long-term partnerships using the same philosophy we’ve used since the beginning. To do business with honesty, fairness, innovation, and quality.

— Colleen